If you want to include Facebook Audience Network as one of your ad networks, after you have successfully integrated the Appodeal SDK, simply follow the instructions below:

1) Create a developer account on Facebook. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/register  

Press "CreateDeveloperAccount"and accept the terms.

2) Create company on Facebook. https://developers.facebook.com/settings/company/info/ 

Fill in all of the required information.

3)Add your application: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ 

4) Add the Audience Network in Product settings

5) You also need to upload Tax Forms required by Facebook in Audience Network -Payout- Account Information in App settings.

6) Create 3 placements with the following settings for each ad type: Optimize for CPM(1); Balance CPM (2) and Fill Optimize for Fill (3)

7) Follow this link  https://www.appodeal.com/profile/linked-accounts and press "Add Facebook Placements” 

8) Set up Facebook Id, Facebook Secret Id, Display Format, Placements keys

9) Done

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