Demand Control Center (DCC) is an expansion of Appodeal's suite of monetization tools that gives you the power to build and manage every ad unit of the waterfall. Whether it’s adding any of your ad network accounts, managing deals with ad networks or adjusting settings for any particular line item (also known as ad unit), with the DCC you’ll be able to do it on your own.
Note: Enterprise-level Appodeal users can request full access to Demand Control Center from their Appodeal account manager. 

If you create your own ad network account, it can be seen and managed in the same dashboard with all ad units. Admob account can be set up manually, but it’s easier to set it up using a plugin. For other ad network accounts, there are just a few simple fields to fill out. These fields can be different from one ad network to another, depending on a set of data points each ad network requires. You can set up any of ad network accounts as a default account in the app settings.

After we enable DCC for you, you’ll see ad network accounts in “My apps” tab and line items in “Application settings”. In “Network Accounts” you can link your own ad network accounts and in “Line Items”—set up line items (ad units).

Once you click on the Settings button, you’ll see an additional tab “Line items” there.

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