Proceed to the “Line items” tab to see the DCC interface. It’s similar to the ad network monitor UI, but it’s now upgraded with the DCC functionality. Here you can manage all line items (sometimes they are called ad units, but that’s the same thing) created for each ad network within a particular app. 

There are either Appodeal’s ad network accounts or your own accounts displayed in the DCC interface. Also, there are special names for each ad unit that align with a campaign name. You can easily determine which campaign an ad unit belongs to and what price floor is currently set up for this ad unit. 

You can always enable or disable a line item, remove it, or create a new one. 

Creating a new line item

To create line items manually, click on the “Add Line Item” button (no plugins needed anymore).

In this tab, you can add keys that you created for every ad network (see the instructions on creating keys here), target countries, eCPM, and also enable or disable Parallel Bidding. Please note that Parallel Bidding works only for those ad networks that have already implemented the technology. Read more about Parallel Bidding here

Managing eCPM and geo settings

For every line item (including those ones created by Appodeal) you can specify the countries where this line item will be added to the “waterfall”. Choose countries from the list for even more precise targeting. 

Additionally, you can manually set up eCPM settings — with the specified eCPM a line item will be prioritized in the waterfall. Once we have enough data from the ad network side, we’re able to analyze their eCPM tendencies and predict which eCPM would be more effective. Click on the automatic button to get the best eCPM calculated via Appodeal algorithms (please note that you should have enough traffic for that) or just set up eCPM values yourself in a manual mode.

If you need to make changes to your ad unit’s waterfall position quickly, you can edit the eCPM value of each line item without expanding its settings in full.

Switch ad format tabs to adjust your line items for each ad format. 

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