Sometimes, an issue with Admob configuration causes problems with ad receiving at the integration start, especially in case of creating a new Admob account. 

If for some reason Admob doesn’t demonstrate a fill rate or it disappears after some time and you can’t receive ads, you should pay attention to the following: 

1. Make sure that Admob account is linked to Appodeal

2. Make sure that all 52 ad units required for correct Appodeal algorithm work are created for the linked app.

3. Keep in mind that after ad units creation, there has to pass some time (it can take from several minutes to several hours) for them to be activated. So sometimes it makes sense to wait for some time until ads start to work. 

4. Make sure that payment information is saved in your Admob account. Without your payment information ad serving may be disabled.

5. Make sure you don’t have any emails or notifications from Admob about application blocking. Admob ads will not work for a blocked bundle id.

6. If app is in designed for families category, Admob fill rate may be quite low and, most likely, you will have some trouble receiving ads in a lot of regions.

If the information above didn’t help you or none of it describes your case, please write to [email protected] with the detailed description of the issue. 

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