Please note the following before the sync:

  1. You have to disable AdBlock or add to the whitelist for the correct plugin work. Please disable all other extensions, they might affect the plugin work.
  2. Your action is required only when you have to agree to the Admob terms and confirm access to Admob account.
  3. The plugin notifies you about the successful completion of each step.
  4. After the successful completion of all steps, they will be marked as Done.
  5. To sync a new application you have to restart the 3rd step. If you are signed out of the plugin, you have to perform step 1.
  6. Don't forget to log in to your Admob account before synchronization. If you have several accounts, don't mix them up. Be sure that you logged in to the correct account for each step.
  7. For new Admob accounts - please make sure that Admob doesn’t require some additional steps in the account, like add payment info or apps. If it does, please do that before the sync.
  8. If you did the 2nd step with several Admob accounts, make sure that you chose the correct account in app settings for each app.


Click the extension button to open a popup menu.

Step 1. Log in to Appodeal and sign in (skip this step if you are already signed in).

Step 2. Enable Admob reporting.
Log in to your Google account and click Enable Admob reporting in plugin's window.
Wait until your project is configured.
You will see " project would like to: Have access to your Google account". Press Accept button.
You will see "Your Admob account has been successfully connected to Appodeal".

Step 3. Sync Appodeal and Admob ad units.
Please, allow several minutes for report to finish.

After the sync

After the sync completion, Appodeal project will be created in

 We need it to receive Admob reports to upload them to our dashboard.

After switching to Credentials tab, you can see detailed credentials data which we use for getting reports using Admob API.  

If there is no linked app to the Store with the same bundle id as in Appodeal, then new app will be created on Admob with name Appodeal/xxxx/app_name, where xxxx -  app id in Appodeal:

You can find Appodeal app ID in address bar in Appodeal app settings.

After the sync completion make sure that ad units Appodeal/xxxx/ad_type/image/app_bundle_id, (where xxxx - app id in Appodeal) are created in Admob account for the synced app. 

The number of ad units should be 52:

In case any of the issues mentioned below are true, contact [email protected] with screenshots:

  1. There are troubles with Appodeal project creation
  2. Appodeal extension stops answering on some step
  3. Number of ad units is less than 52
  4. Ad units ids are not matched with application id
  5. You see several apps in Admob for one application in Appodeal with our ad units set up for each app in Admob 
  6. You noticed any other discrepancy with the information above
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