If for some reason the plugin stops answering or doesn’t complete synchronization, then go through these steps:

  1. Make sure that you read the instructions for Admob synchronization and went through all recommendations. Pay special attention to Adblock/Adguard and other extensions — disable them if they are enabled. Clear cache and cookies and try to run the Appodeal plugin once again.
  2. Additionally, you can try to create a new user (not the Google account!) in Google Chrome and repeat the plugin steps. This will help avoid the issues with the 3rd party extensions or caches. 
  3. If your account contains more than 50 applications that you want to synchronize with Admob simultaneously, it would be better to break them into groups and then sync them in turns. Otherwise, the plugin might be processing the ad unit’s creation request for a long time and sometimes even stop answering. You can group apps by choosing "Do not sync with Admob plugin" mark in app settings. After you do that, the plugin will ignore the marked apps. After the sync of the first part of apps you can remove "Do not sync with Admob plugin" mark for the next group and repeat the 3rd plugin’s step. 

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