You can now create Priority configurations in Mediation Settings in addition to managing network accounts and line items. Priorities are a feature that allows you to move line item positions around with the “drag and drop” function and organize them into country groupings that are easy to create. There are three modes you can utilize: Manual Priority, Automatic Priority and eCPM Priority

In Manual Priority you can arrange top positions: line items (ad units) with specified eCPM go first. Manual Priority is basically for your preferred line items that you want to “release” as a priority with a fixed eCPM in the waterfall. The rest of line items can go to Automatic Priority where they are positioned automatically (with the statistics at our disposal). The eCPM mode is in-between and allows specifying eCPM for each line item for the further automatic positioning. The distinction from the first DCC version is that with eCPM mode you can specify eCPM without worrying about meticulously arranging positions for line items. 

On the left you can see the tab Unused line items — that’s where you can put all the line items you’d like to use for Priority Modes. Keep in mind that in this section you can’t create the new line items, for that you’d need to go to Line Items section and create them there. Newly created line items will be automatically displayed in Unused line items in Priorities.

You can select one country as a group or a number of countries for the configuration, however you can’t use the same country in several groupings (for example, if you choose Canada, USA and Australia for one of the country groupings, you can’t feature Canada in another grouping). All three modes are functioning simultaneously. These modes give you flexibility and freedom to manage line items’ eCPMs and cluster them in the groupings of your choosing.

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