AdMob is an ad network by Google, which has over millions of advertisers, making it one of the most essential ad network partners in Appodeal's ad mediation stack.

Syncing Appodeal with your AdMob account is necessary in order for Appodeal to work properly and effectively. 

Why? The way ad mediation works to determine which ad to serve for each impression is based on an auction model where ads from each ad networks try to outbid each other. 

While AdMob may not have the highest ad bids, it does have the highest fill rates among all the ad networks. This means AdMob will compete in 99% of the auction, resulting in all of the other ad networks' ad bids having to be priced more competitively in order to win the auction and be served in your app.

Furthermore, AdMob's strict rules for ad traffic helps us ensure a baseline of total traffic that is of higher quality and revenue generation for you.

What syncing Appodeal with AdMob will do:

  • Appodeal will be able to sync your AdMob data over API into Appodeal's dashboard.
  • Appodeal will create new ad units on AdMob and serve them through Appodeal's ad mediation.

What syncing Appodeal with AdMob won't do: 

  • Appodeal never takes control over your AdMob account. You will remain the sole owner of your AdMob account.
  • Appodeal does not handle your revenue from AdMob. You will receive money directly through AdMob.

To sync your Appodeal account with AdMob, simply follow the instructions in the documentation after selecting your framework.

Video tutorial:

You can also check the plugin source code here.

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