1. Yandex - This method pays out in Russian Rubles only. Yandex charges a commission of %0.5.
  2. Wire Transfer - For users with large payment over $1000. If the request is less than $1000, a $45 banking fee will be applied. Otherwise WIRE payments have no charge. If the WIRE is returned to us for incorrect banking information, a $45 fee will be applied. 
  3. WebMoney -  Payments issued in USD, WMZ only. WebMoney charges a commission of %0.8.
  4. Bitcoin - 1.49% conversion fee plus 0.0005 BTC network fee (network fees may vary)
  5. Ethereum - 1.49% conversion fee plus 0.000441 ETH network fee (network fees may vary)
  6. Direct Deposit/ACH - ACH payments take up to 3-5 business days to initially set up. Domestic users may use their local banking info, International users must set up a virtual USA account through “Payoneer”.  Direct deposit is free.
  7. Paypal - It is accepted in most places and easy for all parties. Paypal charges a commission. You can find more information here
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