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Appodeal's payment net term?
Appodeal's payment net term?

What is Appodeal's payment net term? How often will I receive payments? How long will my payment take to process?

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Appodeal offers two options: Regular payouts and Immediate payouts.

Regular payouts — standard planned payouts that we do for every month by default. Appodeal does not charge any fees for these.

If we’re working on a Net45 basis, then your revenue is calculated at the last second of the last day of the month. All the payments that haven’t been processed by that moment become the remaining funds from the previous months. Our reports state the regular payout of that particular month, the actual money you’ve earned, and do not include the funds that have been or will be paid throughout other months.

Immediate payouts — the payouts we do at your request, at any time (2-5 business days processing time with a 4% rush fee applies). Appodeal charges a 4% fee for such payouts. This fee helps to guarantee the ongoing cooperation of our financial partners who make such immediate payouts possible. This is because, if you are requesting a payout before the end of the month, technically, your money would not even be in your account yet, since ad networks comply with a Net45, Net60 or Net90 payment scheme. But, because of our immediate payout option, Appodeal is able to show these funds in your balance, and pay them out to you at your convenience. Our partners supply us with this reserved sum, and we pay them back as soon as we verify the incoming payment.

Payments are issued within 2 business days. In some cases, it could take up to 5 business days. Anything over that and you will receive a notice of delay of payment.

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