Before you start

  • You need a Yandex account to work with the Yandex Advertising Network. 
  • You should be able to provide full details for the payout account which Yandex will pay to.

Set up a Yandex Advertising Network account (skip this step if you already have one)

1. Create a free Yandex account here.

2. Submit the registration form and click “Send the application”.

3. After successful moderation, you can start creating ad blocks.

Add apps you want to monetize with Yandex

  • In YAN dashboard go to Products → Mobile platforms → Add mobile platform.

In terms of the Yandex Advertising Network, a mobile platform is a combination of places where ads are displayed in a single app. To start creating ad blocks, add a mobile platform in the YAN interface and wait for moderation.

Creating RTB blocks (ad units)

To create a new RTB block, go to the list of RTB blocks (Products → RTB blocks), and click Add an RTB block.

You will be able to set ecpm floor, choose ad size and other block settings at any time in the edit menu right after RTB block creation.

Important: If you want to set Yandex Minimum CPM threshold, notice that Yandex uses RUB currency, not USD. For example: 

Appodeal uses USD currency. Do not forget that while linking RTB block in “Add line item” menu.

Add app info to Appodeal

Linking Yandex account is allowed in Demand Control Center

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Choose Yandex and enter Yandex email, OAuth Token.

Important! When you will generate the token, please make sure that you enable permissions to :

  • You need the following information to link your application to Appodeal: 

Application ID and API Key (for SDK): Via AppMetrica go to Applications tab and choose the app. In Settings, you’ll see Application ID and API Key (for SDK) first in General settings.   

Page ID is a unique code of your app in Yandex Advertising Network. You can find it on a Mobile platforms menu in YAN dashboard.

  1. Go to Line Items in app settings
  2. Choose your Yandex account fill those parameters like on the picture and press “Add line item” button:
  • Enter Line Item label (a name for your RTB block in Appodeal dashboard), Countries, eCPM (manual ad unit's position in the waterfall) or enable automatic mode.

Block ID you can find in a list of RTB blocks of your mobile platform in Yandex dashboard:

  •  After creating line items, save the changes.
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