Before you start

  • You need a account to work with the MyTarget.
  • You should be able to provide full details for the payout account which MyTarget will pay to.

Set up a MyTarget account (skip this step if you already have one)

  • Create a free account here.
  • Get back to and push “Get started button”. 
  • Fill in all needed info on the user registration page.

Important: we recommend to display reference currency in USD, please do not forget to select account currency setting like on the picture below:

  •  Fill your payment details.

Linking apps and creating ad units. 

  • Open "Apps" tab and click "Create". Enter the name of the platform and a link.
  • To create new ad unit, click on apps and push “Create new ad unit” button. 

Add app info to Appodeal

Linking MyTarget account is allowed in Demand Control Center

You have to request Client ID and Client Secret from MyTarget support team. Read about it in detail here:

You need the following information to link your app and ad unit: PadGroupId, PadID and ad unit code. You can find all that info on ad units list in MyTarget dashboard: 

  • Choose your MyTarget account, fill PadGroupId and press “Add line item” button:
  • Enter Line Item label (a name for your ad unit in Appodeal dashboard), Countries, eCPM (manual ad unit's position in the waterfall) or enable automatic mode, insert ad unit code and PadId:

Important: MyTarget CPM floor uses RUB currency, not USD.

Appodeal uses USD currency. Do not forget that while linking MyTarget ad unit in “Add line item” menu.

  •  After creating line items, save the changes.
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