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Problem with displaying ads

Why can’t I see ads in my application?

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  1. Сheck your SDK integration.

Make sure that ad show method is called after SDK initialization. Remember that ads need some time to be loaded, so we recommend to call show method at least 15 seconds after initialization (excluding banners, they are displayed right after they are loaded). Also pay attention to Appodeal SDK toasts (pop-up messages).

If they appear at the app start, most likely you haven’t added some important SDK components. In this case you have to carefully read the integration docs one more time. 

2. Make sure that Admob account is configured properly.

If your app is not synced with Admob, then you will see the standard Appodeal ad creative instead of banners or interstitials: 

We analyze the first few thousand impressions for each application with Admob network in order to further enable the most suitable networks for your application with the right settings. Also, Admob has a high fill rate in a lot of regions, and that is very important at an integration start for testing live ads when other networks are still not enabled in your application.

To learn more about the requirements for network enabling, read our article about the DCC.

So it’s necessary to make sure that app is linked to Admob in “My apps”:

Also check if the account is set up correctly for receiving ads

3. Make sure that you use correct bundle id + app Key

An unique Appodeal Key (App Key) is created for each app in Appodeal. It has to be used for receiving ads in application with the same bundle id specified in app settings with this App Key. 

4. If you see test ads instead of live ads

Make sure that:

  1. There is no code for enabling test mode in your integration code Appodeal.setTesting(true); / [Appodeal setTestingEnabled:YES]; 

  2. "Force enabled test mode" is not chosen in app settings:

  1. Traffic limit (2000 impressions) is not exceeded for unpublished apps.

  2. If you see test ads from AdColony, then if the app is published in Google Play, Amazon or App Store, live ads will appear after several ad impressions. Don't worry about SDK version notification - Appodeal SDK contains one of the latest Adcolony SDK versions, but Adcolony could release it faster than we release new SDK update. But make attention on other notifications, they can show you possible issues with app settings.  

5. If live ads were displaying some time ago, but after some tests stopped to display, try to reset ad id on your device.

If you test on Android device:

  • Go to your device’s Google Settings.

  • Select Ads.

  • Select Reset advertising ID.

  • Press OK.

If you use iOS device:

  • Go into your device’s Settings.

  • Select Privacy.

  • Select Advertising.

  • Select Reset Advertising Identifier.

If you can’t establish the reason for why live ads are not being displayed correctly, please contact with our support team and describe the issue in details and specify your app Key.  

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