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Networks Setup: Introduction
Networks Setup: Introduction
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Networks Setup is a tool meant to increase transparency when working with Appodeal and give you maximum control over mediation. Networks Setup allows you to keep track of activated networks in your applications, to manage ad units (add and delete, as well as switch their priority in the waterfall) and independently link your own ad network accounts to the Appodeal account. Now you can manually adjust the position of ad units where it is necessary. At the same time, some networks can continue operating in an automatic mode.

The tool consists of three parts: Mediation Ad Networks, Line Items, and Priorities.

Mediation Ad Networks settings allow you to manage linked ad network accounts to be used within applications.
You can independently link your accounts and subsequently use them in applications. For most networks, Appodeal accounts are used by default, but you can always add your own. After linking, you can enable them in your applications. Related income reports will be aggregated for you in the Appodeal dashboard.

Line Items provide an opportunity to enable or disable ad networks, choose an ad network account for each network, and manage line items created in these networks for the application.

Priorities* give you the power to create custom waterfalls. With this functionality, you can manage line items order using one of four modes: in-app header bidding, manual, eCPM, and automatic, or you can use all of them at the same time. Moreover, you can create waterfalls for each of the countries, or you can even target the waterfall for certain user segments.
*is available only with Appodeal SDK 2.6.1+

You can learn more about Networks Setup in the primary doc (EN, RU).

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