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How do I link my Meta Audience Network account?
How do I link my Meta Audience Network account?
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This article has been moved to the primary doc, and this page will be deleted soon. Please check out the doc (EN, RU) to link your Meta Audience Network account.

To link your Meta Audience Network account, you should complete all the steps from this article.

If Meta Audience Network ad units have been already linked with Appodeal use the following guide.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have a personal Meta account.

  • You should be able to provide full details for the payout account that Meta Audience Network will pay to.

Also, check your application:

  • Make sure you use Appodeal SDK 2.10.3+/Appodeal Unity plugin 2.14.5+.

  • Make sure BidMachine is enabled in Mediation Settings.

  • Make sure you have a BidMachine Adapter in your project.
    BidMachine Adapter is included in Appodeal SDK by default, make sure you haven't removed it from the project.

Step 1: Set up a Meta developer account

Note: If you already have a Meta developer account, skip this step.

Go to and press "Log in".

Fill in your personal information and create a Meta account. After this, you can log in and continue linking your Meta account to Appodeal.

Step 2: Create a new Meta app

Go to "My Apps" and press the button “Create App”.

Select an app type based on your needs. The app type can't be changed after your app is created. Learn more about the types here.

In the example below the Business type has been chosen.

Fill Display Name, App Contact Email, choose App Purpose and Business Manager account (if needed).

After creating the app, go to Settings → Basic.

You will need the following information from this page:

  • App ID

  • App Secret

Save App ID and App Secret, you will need them later.

Step 3: Configure the Monetization Manager account

Once the Meta app is created, you will need to connect it, if not previously connected, with Meta Audience Network.

Go to app’s Dashboard and click on “Set Upon the Audience Network section.

Create a new property on the Monetization manager's side.

Create a new app for the necessary platform in the created Property.

Click on “+Add” and proceed with the message notified that Meta is working only with bidding for new apps.

Organize your products with properties.

If your product has multiple versions based on operating systems or devices, you can group these versions together into a property for combined reporting and management.

Each property can contain one iOS app, one Android app, one website domain, one Instant Articles Page, and one Instant Game.

For each property, you can create 4 ad spaces. Ad space is a location for advertising.

You can create 4 placements for each ad space - a specific type of ad.

Setting up a new property consists of 4 stages:

1. Add app details. If your app is already published, specify a link to the store. You can add the URL later if your app isn't live.

2. Add a payment account. Click on “Add a new payment account” and proceed with your payment data.

You won't be able to receive any Audience Network ads until you add payout details. You can add your payout info as soon as your account in Business Manager and Property is set up. Learn more about adding payout information.

3. Verify your business. Learn more about business verification.

4. Integrate SDK.

a) Choose “A different mediation platform”.

b) Create Placement. You need to select the desired ad format. The most effective ad formats for Meta are Interstitial and Rewarded video (this one is for game apps only).

Click on Create and you will see your App ID, System user access token and Placement ID’s.

As a result of the previous steps, you should have the following data:

  • App Id;

  • App Secret;

  • Placement Ids.

Save this data. You will need it to bind the app on the Appodeal side.

Step 4: Link Meta Audience Network to your Appodeal account

Go to the DCC page and add a Meta email address.

Select the appropriate app on the page, go to the desired ad type, select a Meta account created in DCC and fill in the Meta App ID and Meta App Secret fields.

Next, click the Add Line Item button, enable In-App Header Bidding mode and fill in the Line Item’s label and Code:

Note: It is necessary to set up In-App Header Bidding mode, otherwise Meta Audience Network ads won’t work.

Note: Code is a placement id. Code must have the following format:

Step 5: Test your Meta Audience Network ads

After connecting Meta Audience Network to Appodeal, you need to test the ad's performance so that the placements enter the state of Receiving ads.

In order to do this, you need to send requests to Meta Audience Network placements.

On the Meta Audience Network side, you should go to the Integration->Testing section in Monetization Manager and add a test device based on the ad identifier (IDFA).

Next, you should log in to your Meta developer account (in Meta Facebook app) and launch your app that the SDK sends Meta Audience Network impression requests several times.

After that, the status of placements should change to Receiving ads and you will need to send the app to Meta Audience Network for approval. After that, the ad will be available to all your users.

To debug Meta Audience Network ads, check the placement statuses:

  • Ready to publish: You’ve successfully tested your integration and your app is ready to be published to the app store.

  • Idle: Meta Audience Network hasn’t received any ad requests for this placement in the last 24 hours. If you're sending test requests, the placement status will remain "Idle".

  • Requesting Ads: No fill for ad requests for the placement in the last 24 hours.

  • Receiving Ads: Your app is live and there are filled ad requests from live users for the placement in the last 24 hours.

You can see a list of common errors when requesting Meta Audience Network ads here.

If you have any additional questions or difficulties during the setup process, you can contact our support team.

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