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How do I link my StartApp account?
How do I link my StartApp account?
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StartApp is not available for Appodeal SDK since v2.11.0 (Android), v2.10.3 (iOS).

To connect your own StartApp account to Appodeal, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Create and prepare the network's account.

First, you need to find your account id. It is located in the right upper corner of the home page.

Next, you should get your partner id and token. Currently, there is no public access to these fields, thus you need to contact Startapp support to obtain them. Below, you can see an example of the request.

Please, be patient as this process can take some time. Usually, getting a response may take several days.

Step 2: Add keys to the Appodeal dashboard.

At this point, you should already have all the necessary keys described in the previous step. Now you need to add their values on the Appodeal side to finish linking your account. Go to the Network Accounts page, find Startapp in the list of ad networks and click on the Link your account button.

Fill the following information in your email (associated with Startapp): dev id, account id, and token. Hit the Create button

Note: Dev id = partner id.

Step 3: Create ad units on the StartApp side.

Note: there is no such entity as ad units (or line items) with Startapp, thus it is only possible to create an application there.

First, head to the My Apps page. Create a new app by entering the App URL and pressing the Add App button (you can use an existing one if you created it earlier).

Copy App ID value of the app you want to use with Appodeal.

Step 4: Create ad units on the Appodeal side.

Open Mediation settings of the same app in the Appodeal dashboard. In the Line items tab of Mediation settings find the Startapp ad network. Change an account for this network from Appodeal account to the one you created earlier.

Enter app id in the field Startapp App ID and press the Save button.

Then, click on the Add line item button and set it up in the same way as on the screenshot below.

Make sure that the newly created line item is marked as enabled (the toggle is on “ON” state).

Now you're all set!

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