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How do I link my AdMob account?
How do I link my AdMob account?
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This article has been moved to the primary doc, and this page will be deleted soon. Please check out the doc (EN, RU) to link your AdMob account.

To connect your own AdMob account to Appodeal, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Preparing AdMob account

Register your AdMob account with your email or create a new one

You will need to confirm your account and fill in the payment information. Details can be found here.

Step 2: Link your AdMob Account with Appodeal

Open "Network accounts" page on Appodeal → click on the “AdMob” → “Sign in with Google” and follow google authorization.

Step 3: AdMob Sync

To simplify the work of creating the applications on the AdMob side, we have prepared an application for synchronization. The application will complete all necessary steps for the correct operation of AdMob with Appodeal.


  1. Follow this link to download the application. We support Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

  2. Go to your Downloads folder and install the AdMob Sync application.

Prepare apps for syncing with AdMob

To prepare your apps for synchronizing with an AdMob account, please be sure that you have chosen a current AdMob account for each type of ad in these apps.

Sync AdMob account

  1. Run the application.

  2. Use your Appodeal account credentials to sign in.

  3. Add your AdMob account. To add a new AdMob account, press the + button, you will be redirected to Press Link your account and follow instructions.

  4. After you have made all settings in your Appodeal account go to the AdMob Sync app and press Run Sync.

Step 4: Update the Project

If you use Play Services version 17 and higher, add <meta-data> tag to the AndroidManifest file.

<!-- Add your AdMob App ID -->
<meta-data android:name="" android:value="[ADMOB_APP_ID]"/>


a) In the info.plist file add GADApplicationIdentifier key

b) Add identifier's String value.

c) Copy


Now you can monetize with AdMob via DCC.

Note: If you implemented the app-ads.txt file, you should add the AdMob account line. To get one, read the official documentation:

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