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How can I switch Meta Audience Network to bidding mode?
How can I switch Meta Audience Network to bidding mode?

How do I link Meta Audience Network if Meta Audience Network ad units have been already linked with Appodeal

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This article has been moved to the primary doc, and this page will be deleted soon. Please check out the doc (EN, RU) to link your Meta Audience Network account.

If you haven't linked your Meta Audience Network account, use the following guide.

Before you start

  • Make sure you use Appodeal SDK 2.10.3+/Appodeal Unity plugin 2.14.5+.

  • Make sure BidMachine is enabled in Mediation Settings.

  • Make sure you have a BidMachine Adapter in your project.
    BidMachine Adapter is included in Appodeal SDK by default, make sure you haven't removed it from the project.

Step 1: Choose an ad unit for each ad type with the best performance to use it with Header Bidding.

Go to your Dashboard, create a report with filters App, Ad Network - Meta Audience Network, split by Line Items and Ad Type, add Ad Revenue measure.

You can use this template to generate a report. Select your App in it.

Choose one ad unit for each ad type with the highest revenue. You will need to add them to Header Bidding later.

Step 2: Go to App Settings → Mediation Settings → Line Items, select the ad type and open the Meta Audience Network line items list.

Save the code for chosen Line Item and remove all the Meta Audience Network Line Items.

Step 3: Create a new In-App Header Bidding Line Item.

Click the Add Line Item button, enable In-App Header Bidding mode and fill in the Line Item’s label, default eCPM.

Use the same Line Item Code (placement ID) of the ad unit chosen in step 1 and saved in step 2.

Note: It is necessary to set up In-App Header Bidding mode, otherwise Meta Audience Network Audience ads won’t work.

Note: Code is a placement id. Code must have the following format:

If the first part of the placement ID does not match the app ID, Appodeal won’t receive your revenue data from Meta Audience Network. To fix it, change the the app ID to the first part of the placement ID. To reload revenue data, contact our support team.

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