Manual Filters allows to groups users by any available characteristics. E.g. you know the sources that directed users to you and you want to track the statistics for such users — group them into a segment.
To create such a segment you have to give our SDK the name or the criterion and an actual value for it. Value can be boolean, numeric or string-based.

Android example:

Appodeal.setCustomFilter(name, value); (Java)

Appodeal.setCustomFilter(name, value) (Kotlin)

iOS example:

Appodeal.setCustomState(["some key" : "some value"]) (Swift)

[Appodeal setCustomState:@{@"some key": @"some value"}]; (Objective-C)

Unity example:

Appodeal.SetCustomFilter("SOME_KEY", "SOME_VALUE"); (UPM)

Appodeal.setCustomFilter(name, value); (Manual)

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