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Methods of payments
Methods of payments

What are the different methods of payments?

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  1. Direct Deposit/ACH - ACH payments take up to 3-5 business days to initially set up. US users may use their local banking info. Non-US users must set up a virtual US account through “Payoneer”.  Direct deposit is free. ACH may be subject to banking fees.

  2. Paypal - It is accepted in most places and is easy for all parties. Paypal charges a fee. You can find more information here. .

  3. Wire Transfer - For users with large payment over $1000. If the request is less than $1000, a $25 banking fee will be applied. If the WIRE is returned to us for incorrect banking information, a $25 fee will be applied. Payments to be re-issued will not be sent until all funds have returned to originator's bank account. May be subject to banking fees.

  4. Bitcoin - 0.45% conversion fee plus 0.0005 BTC withdrawal fee (network fees may vary)

  5. Ethereum - 0.45% conversion fee plus 0.006 ETH withdrawal fee (network fees may vary)

    Please note that the withdrawal fee is charged in cryptocurrency and the final amount in USD depends on the exchange rate at the time of the payment.

    Bitcoin and Ethereum are temporarily unavailable as payment methods. We are unable to issue payouts through our crypto platform Coinbase. We are currently searching for an alternative platform. Please consider our other payment options if you’ve been using Bitcoin or Ethereum as your previous payment method. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Payments to Russia and Belarus

Temporarily, payments to Russia and Belarus only available with:

  • Wire Transfer.

  • Direct Deposit/ACH with a virtual US account.

  • PayPal - PayPal is not available for Russian and Belarusian accounts. However, if your account is active, you can receive payments through this method.

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