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Fill rate vs Competitive Factor
Fill rate vs Competitive Factor

What’s the difference between Fillrate and Competitive Factor?

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Fill rate is one of the main performance metrics in our dashboard. It represents ad fill rate in your app and is calculated as fills (answered requests) divided by sent requests * 100%.

You can see Competitive Factor in Show data by Networks, it displays fill rate distribution for each ad network. It is calculated as fills divided by sent requests for each ad network * 100%.

In general, with standard breakdown by dates one request is considered a full waterfall request round, and with breakdown by networks - request to each ad network. However, when choosing ad networks in Network filter you can also see Fill rate and Competitive Factor (you can also see Fill rate in the dashboard without breakdown by networks). 

Here's an example with no filtering by networks where Fill rate is calculated over the sent waterfall requests:

And example with filtering by networks, Fillrate counts over sent requests to each ad network (by analogy with Competitive Factor):

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