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Transition to Stack
Transition to Stack

What changes with introduction of Stack?

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If you're reading this article, you've probably heard the exciting newsAppodeal is now a part of Stack. 

We prepared this FAQ article to give you more information about the launch of Stack and, hopefully, resolve any doubts you might have regarding this change. In case any of your questions are not answered below, don’t hesitate to contact our support team or your account manager.

Will Appodeal cease to exist with the introduction of Stack?

No. Appodeal continues to function as our ad monetization product and an integral part of Stack. You can continue using Appodeal dashboard, receiving payments, communicating with your account manager, talking to the support team, browsing through our FAQ, reading Appodeal blog posts, etc. However, from April 25 onwards we will be sharing news about our products and posting updates on the Stack website and blog.

As a current client, am I obligated to switch to Stack?

No, you are absolutely not. You may stick to Appodeal product only, however we encourage you to explore our Stack offerings. 

If I wish to implement the Stack holistic solution as an Appodeal client, what do I have to do? 

You can contact your account manager or anyone from our customer success team and they will consult you on every aspect of expanding your current ad stack. What is it that you are most interested in testing and implementing? Switching to Stack is a gradual process. Unlike our ad mediation solution (Appodeal), the Stack Holistic solution is not a simple sign-up, therefore we are accepting a limited amount of applications, but looking forward to discussing serious interest. 

What is the biggest reason behind moving to the umbrella brand?

Our team created solutions and products that surround ad monetization and make the whole process of growing and scaling apps sequential, logical and transparent. Our vision is that user acquisition, ad monetization and business intelligence should go together and benefit every player in the market by providing transparency and unbiased technologies. Read this article, written by our CEO, Pavel Golubev, to learn more. 

Will social media channels stay the same for Appodeal?

Yes, but they will be rebranded as Stack. This is true for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube pages. You will be able to stay in touch with everyone you have been previously in contact with at Appodeal, including via email.  


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